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San Diego is truly one of the most beautiful places in the country. With our mild climate and oceanside setting, this spot can't be beat for recreation, variety, and breathtaking scapes. From the Pacific Ocean's waves to the Anza-Borrego Desert, from Mexico to White Mountain, this county offers about 17 microclimates and about 17,000 different ways to enjoy them. So get your car, your bike, or your hiking boots out and go play!

San Diego is truly one of the most beautiful places in the country. With our mild climate and oceanside setting, this spot can�t be beat for recreation, variety, and breathtaking scapes. From the Pacific Ocean�s waves to the Anza-Borrego Desert, from Mexico to White Mountain, this county offers about 17 microclimates and about 17,000 different ways to enjoy them. So get your car, your bike, or your hiking boots out and go play!

Water Sports

As you might expect, water sports are popular in San Diego. Surfing goes on up and down the coast, with some of the best waves found at Black's Beach, La Jolla Shores, and Del Mar (see Deborah Anderson in the OSA about joining the med student surf club, with access to Black�s Beach). Sailing is big here as well, with some of the best sailing fleets and big boat racers in the country lurking the waters. Mission Bay and San Diego Bay are two of the more popular waterways for sailing. Windsurfing is also popular in places like Mission Bay�the tame conditions make it perfect for the beginning to intermediate sailboarder. Deep sea fishing is good from La Jolla to Point Loma while lake fishing can be had at any of several lakes in the western half of the county. Rowing (there is an annual Crew Classic in Mission Bay), jet skiing, surf kayaking, scuba diving, and water skiing are all actively pursued by natives and newcomers alike. For the first-year med student interested in any or all of these sports, the best starting point may be the Mission Bay Aquatic Center which is affiliated with Associated Students, UCSD. top

Land Sports

For those die hard land-lubbers (who don�t know what they�re missing), there are plenty of dry activities in San Diego County. Many of the beach areas have permanent volleyball areas. Over-The-Line (sort of a three-person softball game) is uniquely popular here. There are a couple of large annual tournaments in San Diego. Rollerblading is another popular by-the-beach sport. Head on down to PB or Mission Bay for blading along the boardwalk (with, er, interesting native fauna to view) or along the bayside (considerably less crowded and stunningly beautiful). Some of the best plane and hang gliding in the country is found off the cliffs above Black's Beach, just minutes walking distance from UCSD. There are even hot air balloon rides to be had in the northern part of the county�though quite pricey.

It seems that most of San Diego's citizens are into running, bicycling, or both. The area's mild climate and lack of rain make it ideal for these two sports, and runners and cyclists can be found on all roads, trails, and beaches in the county. For the competitive runner, road races are held throughout the year. As for competitive cycling, the annual La Jolla Grand Prix attracts some of the world's greatest each Spring. Two bicycle "races" popular with med students are the biannual Rosarita-to-Ensenada (put on spring and fall�50 miles) and the annual Tecate-to-Ensenada (put on in spring�78 miles). These are large (up to 5000+ riders) events held in Baja California. If you have a mountain bike, bring it! Not only is it a great way to get around campus, but there are plenty of great trails to ride close to campus. For more info on biking trials and routes, try either the student-run bike shop at the Co-op or the Sport's Chalet in UTC; both should have books with San Diego area rides both off and on road.

The San Diego area is also well known for its awesome golf and tennis facilities�the number of golf courses and tennis courts is among the greatest in the country. For those of you planning your second career pro-golfing, Torrey Pines Golf Course is a beautiful course within minutes of the school. It is one of only two public courses which are PGA tour stops, so you know it's nice. It's also very popular, so don't expect to golf there on weekends. Instead, try the twilight golfing there�as many holes as you can play after 4 p.m. for less than $8, or try and keep one of your afternoons free of electives and head out then. Regular greens fees are $14 for residents, so bring your student I.D.. Tennis addicts will have no problem finding available courts. Many of the nearby housing complexes have nice courts, as does the University. top

Outdoor Fun

Balboa Park qualifies as a "must see" attraction. Colossal city parks don't get more colossal than this impressive collection of museums, gardens, and playgrounds (not to mention a world-famous zoo) that spreads out across 1,400 lushly landscaped acres. Balboa Park has it all: 13 museums (check out everything from vintage cars to Baroque masterpieces); a vibrant promenade � El Prado � lined with handsome Spanish-Moorish buildings (listen for the 100-bell carillon that tolls every hour); and on special occasions, assorted jugglers, musicians and other street performers who dazzle crowds around the Lily Pond. Put it simply, Balboa Park is San Diego's cultural heart. Exploring this recreational paradise, which was nurtured from simple plaster beginnings as the site of the 1915 Panama-California International Exposition, requires a good block of time and an even better pair of shoes. Work your way through a sampling of museums and gardens, or stroll to whatever verdant corner you discover. The hardest thing to do here is park: Spaces near the museums are hard to find (especially on sunny days or weekends), but free trams will help you get back to your distant spot. Overwhelmed by all the attractions? Head for El Prado, the park's bustling energy center on eastern side, and then just go with the flow. One could spend days visiting this park's numerous museums, including the Museum of Man, the Fleet Space Theater and Science Center, and the Museum of Natural History. There are several art galleries such as the Timken Art Gallery and the Fine Arts Gallery. Balboa Park is a great get-away place. Many fitness enthusiasts enjoy the park for its velodrome and miles of jogging paths. A word of warning, though: this is not a safe place at night.

The San Diego Zoo can be found on the northwest quadrant of Balboa Park, up Park Blvd. from Highway 163. Students can get a year-long pass to both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park for about $30 (less than the cost of attending both once, so it�s really worth it). This is a great bargain for those who really like zoos or plan on accompanying friends and family when they come to San Diego. Just show your student I.D. at the San Diego Zoological Society's Booth near the entrance. The Wild Animal Park is located out on Highway I-15, towards the city of Escondido. This is probably as close as most of us will get to seeing these animals in their natural habitats. The animals are left to run free in a large habitat while a monorail or personal jeep takes you through the area.

For those who enjoy an escape from civilization, San Diego County's natural attractions such as the mountains, lakes, and deserts are within easy driving distance of UCSD. Nestled in the Laguna Mountains about 1 1/2 hours east of the school is the small town of Julian. Julian is famous for its scenic beauty, country-town atmosphere, and Julian Pies. Try to go during the fall harvest when you can pick your own apples for pennies. And for you northerners�you might actually catch some snowflakes there.

For camping or hiking, the Anza-Borrego Desert Park and the Cleveland National Forest are located just beyond the Lagunas, only 1 to 2 hours away from UCSD. There can be found a wide variety of animal life (from chuck-wallas to bighorn sheep to golden eagles) as well as a spectacular late-March and early-April flower bloom (just in time for spring break). The mountains between La Jolla and Anza-Borrego have winter snow and are pleasantly wooded. Ocotillo Wells, in the same general area, has plenty of room for off-road vehicles.

Closer to home, Torrey Pines State Park is only 10 minutes away from La Jolla, off Highway 101 between the UCSD campus and Del Mar. It has several scenic hiking trails that sport magnificent flowers from late February into late May. There are also some breath-taking ocean views and dramatically sculptured ravines. Torrey Pines is generally open from 10:00 a.m. until sunset. There is a $4 entry fee if you drive into the park. The Visitor Center is open until 4:00 p.m.

Quail Botanical Gardens, another nearby nature retreat, is recognized throughout the country as having one of the world's most diverse and botanically important plant collections. There are several trails which take you through various beautiful and unique gardens. It is located on Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas just off Interstate 5. top

Ocean Activities

The beaches closest to school are La Jolla Shores and Black's Beach. Avid surfers claim Black's Beach has the best surf in the area. It is across North Torrey Pines Road from Revelle Campus, then down La Jolla Farms Drive about halfway, and down a road marked PRIVATE (it's okay) to your left. From there, it's a steep hike down the cliff. This is no longer legally a nude beach since an ordinance was passed. However, this ordinance seems to surface once a year with little effect on the skinny-dippers. Penalties are mild (citation) and enforcement is nonexistent. Check out the situation before you strip, things might have changed in the past few months. Be sure to visit the Glider Port, located on the cliff above Black's Beach. You don't have to confine yourself to these two beaches; there are literally miles of other beaches within close range ... Ocean, Mission and Pacific beaches are the best for people-watching while Torrey Pines, Del Mar, and Cardiff beaches are more relaxed.

Sea World is located on Mission Bay and is well worth the visit. It's off Highway I-5 going south toward San Diego on Sea World Drive. Call 224-3562 for specific information. If you are a big fan of the world of the sea, consider purchasing a year pass for $55 and if you even have 2 hours off one afternoon, it�s a nice place to go and relax. The show�s are great, especially the awesome Shamu!

Other water frolics include whale watching off the San Diego coast. You can see California Gray Whales migrating south between the months of January and March. La Jolla Cove has a spectacular view and is a great place to go snorkeling. In the "Children�s Pool" there, you will find an up-close view of some sea lions who have taken over the place. For those tidepool lovers, Cabrillo Park has several tidepools filled with marine life as well as a nice park. Finally, you can always go north on Torrey Pines up toward Del Mar for some great ocean air, and maybe a glimpse of a dolphin or two.

Some of the best surfing beaches in San Diego County, courtesy of

Oceanside City Beach North: The Strand and Sixth Street, Oceanside

Swami's: 1298 Old Highway 101, Encinitas

Pipes: Old Highway 101 and Chesterfield Drive, Cardiff

Cardiff State Beach: Old Highway 101 and Manchester Avenue, Cardiff

Del Mar City Beach: 1700 Coast Blvd., Del Mar

Black's Beach: 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, La Jolla

Tourmaline Surfing Park: 602 Tourmaline St., Pacific Beach

South Mission Jetty: Ocean Front Walk and Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach

Sunset Cliffs: Along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, Point Loma top

Arts and Entertainment in San Diego

There are many activities available within the San Diego area, and it doesn't take a great deal of effort to find out what they are. The first thing to do is get a copy of The Reader, San Diego's local-events newspaper. The Reader is published weekly and is available free at any of the campus libraries, the bookstore, and at most local convenience stores. In it, you will find a wonderful sampling of life in San Diego: movie listings, restaurant reviews, descriptions of upcoming events, and a fantastic classified section. Once you have found something to do, invest in a Thomas Brothers San Diego County Street Map Book at the bookstore or Price Club for about $15�highly detailed and a good investment! top

Professional Sports

San Diego is home to three major sports teams. The San Diego Padres play Major League Baseball in Qualcomm Stadium (off Highway 8 in the Mission Valley area). The Padres are a popular springtime diversion for first-year students, especially when the SF Giants or LA Dodgers are in town. The San Diego Chargers play professional football also in Qualcomm Stadium. Tickets for the Chargers used to be easier to obtain than those of many other National Football League teams, but since the recent surge in Charger fever, get your tickets early if you plan on catching some of the action. The San Diego Sockers are the best indoor soccer team in the U.S. (in fact have been for the last several years). Hopefully, they represent "America's Finest City" in the Sports Arena (just south of Mission Bay). Be ready to pay some big bucks for Sockers tickets. top


One thing is certain: whatever your choice of music, it's available somewhere in San Diego. Music lovers will find everything from rock to jazz to San Diego's own Starlight Opera. Venues of various sizes attract a range of acts, from the most esoteric to the best known international groups. If you like classical music while taking in a pleasant ocean view, a recommended site is above Daniel's Market (215 15th St.) in Downtown Del Mar. On the other side of the spectrum, excellent rock groups come through San Diego all the time. There are both indoor and outdoor concerts almost every weekend in the summer and during the winter. top

Theater and Movies

There are several acting companies working in the San Diego area. The two best known are in Balboa Park at the Old Globe and Cassius Carter Center Stage Theatres. There is a well-respected (and quick to sell out!) Shakespeare Festival in the summer. Keep in touch with the theater productions offered on campus. Here are a few places�check the Yellow Pages for dozens more.

Coronado Playhouse Silver Strand 435-4856

Mission Playhouse 1936 Quivira Way 226-0518

Old Globe/Cassius Carter Balboa Park 239-2255

San Diego Opera Balboa Park 231-1333

San Diego Repertory Theater 79 Horton Plaza 235-8025

Marquis Public Theater 3717 India 295-5654

La Jolla Playhouse UCSD Campus 550-1010

Many local movie theaters have "dollar night" on Tuesday nights. Check The Reader or San Diego Union. Mann and Pacific theaters have an arrangement whereby discount tickets to most of their theaters are available at the Student Center Box Office. Most places will have student discounts with valid ID, so be sure to carry that around always. At the AMC, a movie will cost you about $5.50 if you have your ID. The closest theaters are:

AMC 12 in La Jolla Village Square 8657 Villa La Jolla Dr. 558-2234

Pacific Theatres 8879 Villa La Jolla Dr. 220-6469

UTC Mann theatres 4525 La Jolla Villa Dr. 452-7766